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It’s a great question, and one that many consumers have.  “Why should I call my local insurance agent, when I can just go on a website and put my information in to receive a quote “in minutes”?  And honestly, the answer comes down to two specific reasons:

  1. Personal Service
  2. Price

Personal Service

            When you call your local insurance agent, and hopefully it’s me, you’ll speak with an individual who is an expert in the type of coverage you are calling for.  Whether it’s home, auto, boat, motorcycle, renters or business insurance.  Once the agent learns a more about you, and what you are wanting to protect, he or she can work to place your coverage with an insurance carrier that specializes in the coverage you are looking for.  Also, because an Independent Insurance Agent represents multiple insurance carriers, you will be guaranteed to secure the lowest possible rate with the proper coverage.

            Also, let’s say that one day down the road, you actually have a claim.  It stinks that bad things happen, but inevitably, they do.  Besides, that’s what you bought the coverage for!  If you were to call a 1-800 number, or buy your insurance online, you would probably end up dealing with a customer service rep who you’ve never spoken to before, and who doesn’t know anything about you!  If you buy your insurance through an Independent Insurance Agent, when it comes time to file a claim, you speak with the agent who sold you the policy, who has a personal interest in making sure you are well taken care of.  


            Let’s be honest, some of those insurance commercials you see on tv are funny, and some are really bad.  Every time you turn on your tv or radio, you are bombarded with advertisements for insurance companies, and after the 3rd or 4th time watching them, you have the message ingrained in your brain; which is exactly what the companies want!  I can rattle a few of these company spokespeople, such as “Flo” from Progressive, or “Jake” from State farm, or even the “Geico Gecko”. 

            The problem with these advertisements, besides the fact that they are extremely annoying after a while, is that they are very expensive!  Data released from the 2017 reporting year show the following spend by company:

  • Geico – $1.4 billion
  • Progressive – $622 million
  • State Farm – $521 million
  • Allstate – $256 million
  • Nationwide – $181 million

And the list goes on…. The point here, is that advertising on television is extremely expensive!  And since these companies rely on consumers to personally visit their website, or call their phone number to get a quote, they have to spend a lot of money on advertisements.  But this money isn’t free.  So how do they get it? By raising insurance rates to help offset their profit margins! 

            When you call an independent insurance agent, you only have to provide your information once, and then the agent will do the shopping for you, rather than calling all of the companies yourself to try and find the best rate.  Best of all, ITS FREE!

            If you prefer a personal experience, and the lowest possible rates, call or email the Criss Insurance Agency.